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What about simple moving? Do these two points the day before moving, and get twice the result with half the effort!

Most people want to find a simple and portable way to move, whether it's renting a house or moving a family. Not only do not need to bear a lot of psychological pressure, but also comfortable to complete the move. A few days ago, a moving user left a message to Xiaofeng: I have been working in Shanghai for 3 years. When I think of packing and passing through the streets, buses and subways alone, I will be scorned by many people. I don't want to move any more. I want Xiaofeng to recommend some simple and effective moving methods. If you have a similar feeling about moving, take a look at the following.

Determine the right way to move

1. No home appliance furniture: Express Company

Usually like the moving friends who rent a house and move, they can move in directly with their bags when renting. They don't need to buy household appliances, furniture and other family living facilities. Clothes, quilts, daily necessities are the majority. If you like cooking, there will be some pots and pans that need to be moved.

When moving, if there are few large items, it's a bit overkill to find a moving company. After packing, you can directly contact the moving brother to send a piece, which is simple and economical.

Note: express companies generally charge by weight, and some companies charge according to timeliness. Fast charges are high, and vice versa. More importantly, if you have valuables, you must remember to insure them. There are many examples of big losses on the Internet.

2. Small household appliances and furniture: pull goods platform / moving company

After working for a long time, I always want to buy some small refrigerators, small washing machines, microwave ovens, INS wind tea table and other household appliances and furniture, transform their rooms, and make their living environment more comfortable. However, when moving, these things are not resistant to bumping. If you use express company, it is easy to be damaged. Xiaofeng suggests that you can consider moving company or pull goods platform.

Pull goods platform: the price is cheap. If it is moved in the same city, it usually ranges from 50 to 300 yuan. The fees are charged according to the distance of transportation and the selected model. Basically, there is no service to speak of. The cargo platform only provides cars and drivers. If you need the driver to help with the transportation, you need to bargain with the driver with your eloquence.

Moving company: compared with the pull goods platform, the price of moving company is 30-200 yuan higher, but the service is very good. In addition to the driver, there are also special movers to help with the transportation, so there is no need to worry about the damage of small appliances and furniture. Packing needs to charge material fee, but if you pack it yourself, the cost can be saved. Generally speaking, the cost performance is quite high.

3. There are large household appliances and furniture: moving company

There are usually assembled furniture, double door refrigerator, double bed, big sofa, etc. whether it is moving in the same city or across the city, it is best to find a professional moving company.

But now there are a lot of moving companies in the market. On the Internet, we can often see some irregular moving companies, such as starting prices, not moving without adding money, and leaving items on the way. Therefore, when consulting, we must ask clearly about the charging standard, service items, moving time, whether there is a moving contract, etc., and we must ask carefully.

Efficient packaging method

1. Break away

If you want to move simply and easily, it is necessary to leave the articles. Count all the items and get rid of the things you don't like, don't want, or used. Or throw or sell or donate, you can handle it according to your own will.

2. Luggage bag

Go to the supermarket or shopping platform to pick up some luggage bags with the size of 60 * 63 * 25cm. It's too big to carry, too small to hold anything, and it's not worth the money.

Put the four pieces of quilt, pillows and other heavy items, fold them neatly and put them in the luggage bag. If the weather is bad, you can put a dust bag on the inner coat of the luggage bag to prevent dust and moisture. Other clothes can be bagged in the same way and seasonally.

3. Trunk

For example, notebook computers, important certificate documents, etc., can be put in the trunk after being put together. It is also convenient to take when necessary, and it is also very convenient to move.

Note: remember not to put books and other heavy items into the trunk. On the one hand, it is very heavy and difficult to carry. On the other hand, it is easy to damage the wheel during the pushing and pulling process.

4. Plastic storage box

Plastic storage box plays a very important role in the process of moving

â‘  There are many kinds of items that can be packed

All kinds of cosmetics and skin care products, kitchen bottles and jars seasoning, living room sundries, small toys and dolls, toiletries, etc., can be basically put into the storage box.

â‘¡ Easy to handle

After packing, they can be placed on the trolley or stacked together with ropes. They are safe and efficient. They can be carried a lot at a time.

â‘¢ Easy to organize and store

After moving into the new house, as the plastic storage box is transparent, you can see what is inside at a glance. According to the frequency of use, you can first sort out the items that are easy to use, and those that are not commonly used can be directly placed in the storage box, which can save space.