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Regret after laser depilation, how depilate just no longer long?

Will laser hair removal regret? It is true that some people who have done hair removal in beauty salons will regret it, because although laser hair removal is the most effective and lasting hair removal method, it can not achieve the purpose of permanent hair loss.

Affected by human hormones, new hair follicles will grow in about 5 years. If you want to completely depilate, you have to go to the beauty salon to spend money again. The cost performance ratio is ultra-low. How can hair removal last forever? How can you spend money once to make hair no longer grow?

That is - home laser hair removal device (mobile home type of medical beauty hair removal).

This is also the reason why the household hair removal instrument is so popular. You can complete hair removal by your own operation at home, and choose an instrument with more light times for Mao Xingren to use for several decades. It is responsible for your lifetime hair. Even if new hair grows in 3-5 years, you don't need to worry about it. It's OK to continue to consolidate with the household instrument, which is cost-effective.

The household hair removal instrument has these advantages

Compared with the tens of thousands of hair removal costs in beauty salons, the price of home laser hair remover is much better. Even the silkpro laser hair removal instrument with the largest number of light (50 million times of light output), more than 2000 can be started.

In addition to cost performance, there are also these advantages:

1. Convenient and time saving

Go to beauty salon need to make an appointment to wait, the household hair remover can complete hair removal in pieces of time at home.

2. High privacy

The girls who want to take off bikini can save you a lot of embarrassment. They operate by themselves and have higher privacy.

In this way, the effect is the best with home laser hair removal instrument!

The effect of hair removal instrument is closely related to the frequency and frequency of hair removal. Take silkpro laser hair removal instrument for example, it is generally recommended that the first three months, one to two weeks, if thick, one to two times a week; the last three months, once a month, if the hair is very thick, once or twice a month.

Be sure to depilate in accordance with the cycle, if cut off midway, will greatly affect the effect of depilation.

Several parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing depilator

1. Type of depilator

It consists of photons and lasers.

Photons: the price is low, about 600 can complete a depilation machine synchronized with ice, suitable for student party, low budget crowd. It is suitable for maoxing people with general hair density.

Laser: high price, general laser hair removal instrument in 2000 to 3000, suitable for hair thick and stubborn maoxing people, general photon hair removal instrument can not take off the hair, laser can take off clean.

2. Security certification

Whether you buy a laser or a photon, safety certification is very important. The more complete the safety certification, the better. In addition, laser hair removal instrument belongs to three categories of medical equipment, so you must confirm whether you have China CFDA certification.

3. Energy density

The higher the energy density is, the better the hair removal effect is. The highest energy density of the laser hair removal instrument is silkpro light luxury and youth version, with a maximum of 25 joules. Most of the photon hair removal devices are around 6 joules, which are slightly lower or 5 joules and 3 joules.

After laser hair removal, pay attention to protection:

1. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid, use mild skin care formula.

2. Never drink, stay up late

3. Do not use sanding, alcohol, antiperspirant.

4. When taking a bath, avoid pouring hot water on the treatment site and use warm water instead.

5. Do not steam sauna, steam bath.

6. In summer, you must pay attention to sunscreen.

Some sisters said that after finishing the ice point depilation operation, there were side effects such as redness, swelling and itching, redness and black spots on the depilated parts. They not only lost money, but also put their beauty into it. In fact, whether it is laser hair removal or photon hair removal, there are a group of "taboo patients" in hair removal technology, such as people with light allergy, congenital immune system defects and so on. Such people can not do laser hair removal. Moreover, if your skin color is too dark, it is not suitable for optical hair removal.

Finally, laser hair removal is the most convenient and safe and effective permanent hair removal method, which can make hair no longer grow. It is already a mature technology. If you want to have permanent hair removal, it is right to choose laser hair removal. It is important to pay attention to the use method when using home laser hair removal instrument, and whether you are suitable for laser hair removal.