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Learn the root affixes, open the mode of memorizing English words efficiently and quickly

English words are too difficult to remember because we do not master the logic of word formation. The basic logic of English word formation is root and affix. Mastering the root affixes of English words can help us to memorize English words efficiently and quickly through the method of root affixes memory. Today, the machine farmer continued to share the story of English root with his friends.

Cred, cred = believe, trust. Creed creed; creed. Cred believes + substantial means adjectives or nouns, and things that people believe constitute the word credential. Cred believe + noun suffix ence, constitute the word credence believe; credit. Credit + noun suffix it, constitute the word Credit Trust; credit. It is believed that + adjective suffix "able" can The word creditable can be trusted. The prefix AC table emphasizes + credit trust and forms the word credit delegation; trust. The prefix "dis no + credit" is used to form the word "distrust, doubt". Cred believes that + ulous I believe too many of the words credulous are credulous.

The root CRE, creas = grow, make. The root CRE growth and the verb suffix ate form the word create. The word create, together with the adjective suffix ive, forms the word creative. The word create, together with the noun suffix ure, forms the word create creature; creation. The prefix de means downward, plus the root crease growth, downward growth, negative growth, to form the word decrease.

The prefix "in" means "going in", and the root "crease" is added to make the word increase. The root CRE table increases, plus the compound noun suffix of the scene, the increased moon forms the word crescent. The prefix de down, plus crescent, forms the bottom quarter of the word. The prefix Pro forward, plus create create, create constantly, constitute the word procreate reproduction; production.

The root cruc, crus, crux = cross means "cross". Cruc cross with the adjective suffix "Al" to form the word crucible; critical. The root cruc cross, plus the form shape, makes the word cruform cross. The root cruc cross, combined with the action of ify, forms the word cruify nailed to the cross; torment. The prefix ex, plus cruci cross, and the verb suffix ate make up the word excruciate, which is tortured and tortured. The word excruciate torture + ion suffixes constitute the word excruciation, torture and cruel punishment. The root CRU cross, plus ise, makes the cross voyage to form the word cruise; hover.

Today's sharing here, today's machine farmers and their partners shared several groups of root words and the words formed by the roots. Do the partners remember the meaning of these words? If you don't remember, you should continue to work hard! I hope that all partners can draw inferences from one instance. Of course, after-school learning is also an indispensable part of the machine farmers think this English root mind map is a good extracurricular guidance book, it can help us learn more new words, interested partners can learn about it.

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