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How to dredge the blocked sewer in kitchen

The kitchen is a place where oil is accumulated. Visible places can be wiped and cleaned. However, if the sewer is blocked, it is not so easy to clean up. Generally, there are many kinds of sewage blockage, such as oil stains that solidify and precipitate after a long sewer, and there are also living garbage, such as some vegetable leaves, vegetable stems, tea, and even plastic bags. There are many kinds of sewage All of them are connected, so it may be the garbage brought by the pipes upstairs, which will make the sewer more and more crowded, and finally form a blocking "accident". Here, I'd like to introduce a few simple and convenient tricks.

Kitchen sewer blockage, first to determine the specific location of the blockage, in order to "suit the case.". Pay attention to whether the water outlet is at the upper end or the lower end of the hose. It is usually caused by the blockage of the lower end. If the upper end is blocked, press the plug of the hose directly.

When you buy a pipe dredger, you can find it in every hardware store on the market. The price is more than 10 yuan and 20 yuan. It is a steel ring with dense front end and sparse back end, and it has spiral hook. And buy a rubber glove, because there are a lot of bacteria in the sewer, so as not to hurt and infect. It is also necessary to purchase the special channel agent for pipeline, so that the root can be treated with double efficacy.

First, take up the hose connected to the sewer, and then slowly extend the pipe dredger into it until it reaches the bottom and cannot be pushed. According to the clockwise direction, rotate the handle, the steel ring will always drill into the blockage. After several minutes, the pipe dredger will be pulled up, cleaned up, poured some hot water, and then repeated the dredging action for the second time. Generally, after one or two times, the pipe is basically unobstructed. After pouring in hot water, the sundries in the sewer can be washed away.

After flushing through the "opening" of the pipe dredger, the pipeline can obviously operate, but oil pollution is a difficult problem to clean, so as to avoid "recurrence" in the future, it is necessary to carry out deep cleaning. Pour the purchased pipeline special channel agent directly into the sewer. Generally, it should be poured into half a bottle to one bottle. The special channeling agent can dissolve the oil pollution. Select the dosage according to the severity of the blockage. After waiting for an hour, pour the hot water into the sewer to accelerate the decomposition of the oil.

After the above method, the double effect, has been able to own sewer, dredge the end.

Household detergent or detergent + hot water. Sewage accumulated oil, you can use detergent or detergent can remove oil commonly used chemical substances dissolved, remember to use hot water dredge later.

If the sewer is relatively sealed, there is only one pipe, and the position of the connecting hose is large enough, push and pull with a Chuai son, and use the pressure formed to flush the blocked pipe.