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How to deal with too much oil pollution in kitchen sewe

If the sewer in your kitchen is clogged, you need to find a way to deal with it. What should I do if there is too much oil in the kitchen sewer? Let's get to know it with pchouse.

1. Boiling water, boiling water can effectively melt the oil residue in the kitchen sewer wall, will continue to pour boiling water into the sewer.

2. In the sewage, sodium bicarbonate will be hydrolyzed in alkaline water. You can take baking soda and pour it into the pot with hot water, and slowly pour it into the sewer.

3. Pipeline dredger, special dredger has a variety of components to dissolve oil, according to the product instructions.

4. Professional dredger, choose a special dredger, insert the dredger into the sewer, and clean the sewage oil by rotating the dredger.

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