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How to allocate investment and financing

For most investment users, we should establish the idea of reasonable distribution of personal financial investment proportion. Investment and financial experts suggest that the proportion of personal financial investment can be simply summed up as 4321 law, that is, 40% of personal income is used for steady investment, 30% for daily expenses, 20% for high-risk investment for emergency needs, and 10% for insurance. That is to say, the proportion distribution of personal financial investment should be based on personal normal expenditure, capital guarantee, value-added and future reserve fund.
30% of daily expenses

That is to say, it is the money that needs to be spent every day. This part of funds can guarantee short-term expenses, daily life, clothes, beauty, tourism, etc. this part of funds can also choose to do some financial instruments with strong liquidity and low risk, such as bank savings, etc.

Robust investment accounts for 40%

That is to say, the money used for appreciation is to protect investors' pension, children's education fund, money left to their children, etc. Stable investment income is not necessarily high, but it needs long-term stability.

In recent years, a rising and rapid development of investment model, its predecessor is private lending. The platform improves the place of information transaction for both borrowers and lenders, and does not directly participate in the transaction, so such a transaction model is still very safe. And the loan funds are kept by the third-party bank, which greatly reduces the risk of the transaction and protects the rights and interests of both sides of the transaction.

High risk investment accounts for 20%

That is to say, the money to generate money, to create high income for individuals, is often made through your wisdom, including stocks, funds, real estate, enterprises and so on. This part of the fund can be based on the actual situation of the individual, can not blindly pursue high-income and ignore the high risk of high-income financial products.

10% of insurance purchased

The purchase of insurance can help individuals reduce economic harm and enhance their awareness of risk management. It can not only promote the consumption of individuals or families more balanced, but also help enterprises strengthen economic accounting. The purchase of insurance not only brings good development to individual development, but also affects the development of the whole society.

The first step for us to do investment and financial management is to plan our own money reasonably so that money can bring more money.