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How do small and medium-sized sellers promote Taobao customers?

To be honest, today's Taobao customers for Taobao's total marketing flow, or a more pit way. Because of small stores, Taoists are not willing to push when there is no weight value. When your data information is good, the foundation is not too much, and the charging standard is relatively high.

Therefore, for people, Taobao is suitable for people to be Taobao customers when your new products are just beginning to rush and when your products are profitable for a long time.

1、 Basic cognitive ability

1. What is Taobao customer

First of all, people come to know what Taobao is. The picture below is a basic marketing promotion step for Taobao. We need to know which method he uses.

Taobao customers do not spend money on the method of drainage, and only pay after the transaction volume, this kind of payment method is more effective. For many students whose early advertising costs are relatively limited, they can still choose to do it.

The cost of Taobao customers is the specific selling price * commission ratio. For example, if the final market price of a commodity is 100 yuan, the preferential bond is 20 yuan, and the specific trading volume is 80 yuan, then when the commission ratio is set at 10%, the final Commission is 8 yuan.

In general, the vast majority of Taoists only deduct commissions. If there is a situation where you can deduct surcharges, you don't have to do it. Before being a Taoke, we measured people's profit and commission ratio, and made real price immediately.

2. The quality of Taobao customers

The advantage is that the drainage method is completely free to pay for trading volume, which is one of his larger characteristics.

The disadvantage is that people's retrieval weight value does not have all the blessings, but some indirect weight calculation, such as high sales or some collection and purchase.

Taobao customer is a very simple, basic, and the most master of user thinking in online entrepreneurship learning.