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How can those who are not talkative, communicative and introverted get a foothold in the workplace?

My colleague Liu Peng almost bit off his tongue when the company organized a trip. Several golden flowers of the Department jointly rehearsed a hip-hop dance. At that time, he went out to answer a phone call and came back. The program had already finished. After the performance, one of the female colleagues asked me, "are we good at dancing?"

He shook his head: "I didn't see..."

At that time, the faces of female colleagues immediately changed.

Liu Peng was successfully defeated by his "straight man cancer", since then, these female colleagues rarely give him a good face in the company. But he is introverted and doesn't like to talk at ordinary times. Therefore, in the face of such a cold reception, he doesn't have the idea to clear up the past. However, this kind of prejudice of colleagues has been brought to the work, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble, which is really disturbing for him.


Xiao Dong is no better because he is introverted and is not good at communicating with others. He has been in the company for several months, and he still doesn't know how to get along with his colleagues. I heard that he had lost two jobs because of his personality. Although he is very hard at this job, he just doesn't know how to communicate with his colleagues and how to integrate into the working environment. Every time he looks at other people's chat, he is so relaxed and happy. However, Xiao Dong just lies quietly in the lattice, enjoying loneliness and loneliness.

In the middle of his work, he was even more worried. He did not dare to ask his old colleagues for help when he encountered problems. He had to worry in front of the computer. Finally, he was beaten by the manager. He didn't get a month's bonus. A series of frustrations made him change his mind.


Introverted, is there really no way to go in the workplace?

In this society, it seems that introverts are always treated differently.

If you are an introvert in your work and life, you must have experienced such a situation:

He is said by his colleagues to be withdrawn and narcissistic. Even if he goes out to eat at noon, he is always alone and has no partners;

When departments hold meetings, speak freely and discuss with the team, they are always reticent. If they are good, they are loyal listeners of leaders. If they say something bad, they can't find a sense of self-existence;

Every time the company has a new project, the boss has always delivered someone else, and he is always the one who is not seen.

In fact, most of the time, it is not because we can't perform, nor because we are lack of ability, but because of our personality, we are too shy and introverted, which makes us unable to show ourselves bravely. Therefore, we often miss many opportunities to prove our strength. Fortunately, with the increase of age, in this competitive workplace, we are always pushed forward by the external environment, and we need to constantly overcome and surpass ourselves.


So, for those who are not good at communication, what methods can help us break through the stereotype of society?

(1) Don't "tag" yourself.

Generally speaking, extroverts tend to like situations where there are many people, which is more conducive to the performance of their exquisite, while introverts are just the opposite. They always like to sit in a quiet corner and feel tired and tired when there are many people.

Therefore, if you want to survive in the company's small circle better, you really don't need to label yourself "introverted", which will seriously limit your possibilities and social space. A person always thinks that he is not suitable for communication, innovation and active pursuit. As time goes by, he will lose the ability of communication, innovation and active pursuit.

Therefore, before you do anything, don't be pessimistic in advance. When you can't finish it well, you may as well try it bravely and see whether you are suitable or not. If there are really bad signs, you can make appropriate adjustment in time. Don't worry too much. No one can tell you who you are, except yourself.

(2) It's me.

As an introvert, his greatest advantages lie in: concentration, empathy, depth and reflection. And what does all this need? It takes a whole period of time and no distractions. Therefore, for the introvert fever, he needs to cut his own life, clear: what things are done for others because of empathy, which things are really done for themselves, and better find their own rhythm of life. There is no need for introverted people to be embarrassed to refuse parties, social gatherings, business trips and social intercourse that they are not interested in. Please be self-centered and speak your own ideas boldly. It's no harm to reject them. It's really unnecessary to increase your own burden.