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Early rising is good for health?

People all say that early to bed and early to rise is good health. For the people who stay up late, early to rise is really a difficult thing. For those who have difficulty getting up, getting up early is also a painful thing. For ordinary people, getting up early in winter also requires courage.

So does getting up late have an impact on your health? If you get up early, what time is the right time to get up? Maybe a lot of people have questions about it. Don't worry. Let's explain it to you now.

Early rising is good for health?

If you compare your full energy state to 100% full power, you will be in the discharge state during the day, and you will start to charge your body when you go to sleep at night. If you only charge 50% of the electricity at night, you still need to use 100% of the electricity during the day, then what should you do? Your body has to borrow it from your five internal organs. If you keep borrowing, go back and forth, it will only take 15 years for your body to be broken.

When you are young, you may not feel like sleeping less, but when you are over the age of 45 to middle age, you will find how all the diseases come. This is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

There are too many dangers of insufficient sleep! When we rest, the brain doesn't actually sleep. It will clear the garbage and waste generated by daytime activities through the blood vessels between the brain ridges, so that our brain will be full of vitality in the daytime, not to let the garbage information accumulate more and more, which is why we will feel refreshed when we wake up after a full sleep.

And lack of sleep will also lead to the decrease of the hormone level regulating leptin in the body, which will increase the sense of hunger, make you can't bear to eat, and as time goes on, you will get fat. Once you get fat, you will bring various chronic diseases related to it, and also lead to hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, depression and other diseases, and even cancer.

So if you get up early and don't get enough sleep for a long time, it will ruin your life.

If sleep itself is not good people, might as well drink some sour jujube kernel tea before sleep, can help you improve sleep, improve sleep quality.

What time is the best time to get up every day?

The best length of sleep is between 6.5 and 7.4 hours. If sleep time is less than 4 hours, it will increase the risk of death. If sleep time is more than 9 hours, it will increase the blood viscosity and risk of stroke.

The reason why we should go to bed early and get up early is that the biological clock in the human body corresponds to the natural law. When the sun rises in the morning, if you don't get up, it will cause the Yang Qi in your body can't generate hair, and you will feel weak, and also like to lose your temper. The evil fire in your body is great, and the liver Qi doesn't generate hair, and blood stasis accumulates in your body. And the liver is the main acid, will secrete the acid material that corrodes the kidney, will damage the kidney, want the kidney to be good, must go to bed early and get up early.

Knowing the best length of sleep, we can figure out when it's right for us to get up. If we want to get up at 7 in the morning, we need to go to bed at 1 in the evening, but this only guarantees six hours of sleep, and we can't reach the best state. If you add the time spent eating breakfast and on the way to work, you need to go to bed at 10:30, fall asleep at 11:00, and then you can get up at 6:30 and sleep for 7.5 hours, which is more reasonable.

In China, most people go to work from 8:30 to 9:00, so it's good for your health to get up at 7:30, and your work efficiency will be high, and you will also have enough washing time and breakfast time, so that you can make the time of the day in order.

If you don't get up until eight or nine o'clock, it's already past the morning time. At this time, people are easily confused and lack of energy after getting up, which is the reason why the later you get up, the less tired you are. Of course, due to individual differences, the specific situation depends on individuals.

As for the time of getting up early, the British researchers concluded by analyzing the data that the best time is to get up after 7:21. If you get up earlier than 6 o'clock, the risk of heart disease in the middle-aged and elderly will be increased four times. So it's the best time to get up at this time.

The above is about whether getting up early is good for your health. The most appropriate answer is to get up at a few o'clock. I hope you can learn more about it. If you can get enough sleep, getting up early is a healthy lifestyle.


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